A Feast Of Delights For Easter

Easter is not only one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar, it is also the time for families to come together to enjoy a feast that marks the end of Lent. This period of contemplation where people traditionally give up some of the foods or drinks they really enjoy comes to an end just before Easter Sunday.  

As hospitality experts, COLUMBIA signature has experience creating events around many holidays throughout the year; in this blog we will be giving you some ideas to create a sumptuous Easter feast and plenty of chocolate goodies to complement it, as well as looking at some of the symbolism around these choices. As well as the Easter Sunday meal, there are plenty of other ways to make this a special time of year for everyone.

Easter Sunday meal

A roast lamb is frequently the centre piece for the meal, particularly as the spring lamb becomes available. Alternatively, a honey-glazed ham might take pride of place on the table – particularly in the United States of America. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is accompanied by a colourful array of seasonal vegetables.

If you are looking for a vegetarian alternative, you can’t go wrong with a spring vegetable quiche which will be vibrant and full of flavour. Served with a fresh salad and potatoes, it will be a delicious addition to any meal.

Cheesecake is always an excellent choice to wrap up a meal and it can feature any number of flavours including berries such as raspberries or blueberries, lemon, toffee or chocolate. In France, people like to eat a ‘gâteau de Pâques’ which translates to Easter cake. This is a chocolate sponge cake that can be decorated with chocolate eggs, bunnies, chickens or even carrots.

Chocolate lovers rejoice

One of the favourite elements of Easter, for children in particular, is chocolate in its many forms and they love nothing more than helping to create special chocolate treats for Easter.

One of the easiest to prepare is the chocolate nest which simply involves mixing together melted chocolate with breakfast cereal and then shaping the mixture into a nest shape and leaving it to set. Then top the nests with mini chocolate eggs.

Perfect for gifts are handmade chocolate truffles which are made by combining melted chocolate with cream and melted butter. They can then be flavoured with mint, praline, orange or any other flavour before being rolled into a ball and coated with cocoa powder.

Of course, the Easter egg can also be made at home if you have a mould.  You could even marble dark, milk, and white melted chocolate to come up with a unique design for your eggs.

Why does the chocolate egg represent Easter?

Since ancient times the egg has been seen as a symbol of fertility and rebirth and many cultures had already embraced it as representative of new beginnings long before it became associated with Easter. People began to exchange eggs hundreds of years ago and this eventually developed into the giving of emptied egg shells which were then filled with sweets.

Chocolate was first discovered by the Aztecs and was revered as a gift from the gods and was even more valuable than gold, but it was the Victorians who first combined it with the egg to make the early versions of the chocolate egg we enjoy today.

This Easter, bring together your friends and family to bask in the traditions of Easter and enjoy a feast of Easter delights.

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