Shop Management

Your product and brand strategy are what makes you unique and differentiates you from the competition. 

Our brand and sales teams strive to become your trusted out-of-house experts to ensure that your operations become alive and are maintained as desired. We preserve your unique selling propositions (USPs) throughout the customer journey and beyond.

We consult, manage, supervise and control all areas of Duty-Free as well as Duty-Paid shops for and on your behalf.

Shop Conception

We focus on the full customer journey and connect state-of-the-art shop designs with online and offline customer relationship management to create a unique overall shopping experience – from the first touch point to the final sale.

Procurement & Logistic

Your procurement strategy is the foundation for a successful and cost-effective product delivery.

To get the most of your budget, we create and implement custom procurement processes. Always consider the intended final product, global quality standards, local infrastructure and availability, applicable purchasing criteria (including ecological footprint), as well as storage and service area capacity.

Shop Management

Consumers want to identify with brands and their values. Therefore, we are required to respond to the needs of potential customers and to make the shopping experience as easy and comfortable as possible. This can be a challenge in travel retail. Our shop managers are retail experts and specialists in shop management and customer support. Taking good care of visitors and making them feel welcome is always our priority.

Shop Development

 We frequently analyze shop visits and customer journeys to ensure continual improvement of our stores and services. Developing and further upgrading new and existing touch points, designs and store concepts is an essential part of our management strategy. We make sure that our stores are always up-to-date and well set for the future.

Revenue & Price Management

We manage shops and prices to increase your profits. By continuously analysing product sales, we are setting the optimal price point and maximise sales on your behalf. Taking worldwide price and product developments into account, we are considering inflation and price variances before they occur and maintain the most competitive prices.

We analyse the state of the market, relevant competitors, the customer’s price tolerance, local taxes, and more. Specific tactics like psychological pricing and seasonality further improve our pricing decisions.

Additionally, our effort doesn’t end with this initial pricing determination. We constantly monitor markets, competitors, and any changes in exchange rates and adjust pricing as necessary. So, whenever possible, enhancing your revenue.