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Procurement & Logistics

Your procurement strategy forms the backbone of a cost-efficient and successful product delivery.

We create and implement individual procurement procedures, to make the most of your budget. Always considering the intended final product, international quality standards, local infrastructure and availability, the applicable purchasing requirements (including ecological footprint), and the capacity of store-rooms and service areas.

& Logistics Management

The goal of our procurement & logistics management is a strategic optimization of your organizational spend. This involves purchasing high-quality goods and efficient services from reliable vendors within your specific budget, on or before a defined deadline.

Our procurement management process includes sourcing, ordering, accelerating, inspecting, and full reconciliation. With the COLUMBIA Group’s worldwide buying power, we can support the economics of your business significantly.

Send us your last order and we will provide you with a competitive price comparison.

Deliveries through...

… the internationally established COLUMBIA Group supply-chain-network. Regular audits and product testing ensure the highest quality and price consistency, while we are able to reduce your costs and maximize profits through the unique purchasing power of the COLUMBIA Group.

COLUMBIA signature is part of this procurement pool, which counts 800 vessels, an annual volume of 300 million USD, access to 210+ contracts, and covers over 250 cost categories.